2K injection molding

2-component injection molding – multi-components for various applications

With 2-component injection molding, we can produce injection molded parts for you up to a weight of 250 gr/1,304 gr of the individual components with transfer technology. The 2K process is used to produce a part in multiple colors and/or from different materials (e.g. hard and soft parts).

More Information

This technique can be carried out both on machines with one screw and machines with several injection units. There is the so-called transfer technique (variant 1), in which the hard part is transferred to another cavity of the mold. This can be done either with a handling device or manually. The 2nd variant is the pre-production of one component and the subsequent insertion into another mold to inject the 2nd component.

The choice of variants depends on the batch sizes of the parts to be produced. For example, it is usually considered economically viable to produce small batches in variant 2.

We offer you comprehensive experience in 2-component injection molding. For many years, we have been exploiting the wide range of applications in multi-component injection molding for our customers.

We offer you support from the idea of your 2K project, the implementation, the design, the manufacture of the mold to production readiness, and the manufacturing of your product.