• Medical (Type IIR) & Community Masks

    • 4-ply for medical & 3-ply for community masks
    • both masks certified
    • large and small purchase quantities possible

  • FFP2 masks

    • protection from pollutants
    • with certification
    • large and small purchase quantities possible

Mask making

Such as disposable, FFP, and N95 masks

We produce community and TYPE II-R masks for you. Our mouth and nose masks are of the highest quality and are manufactured with German precision workmanship. In our production hall, we manufacture the masks reliably and can supply you at the same time by our partner logistics Germany as well as worldwide. Due to existing capacities, currently 240,000 per day, we can process your orders on time. Please contact us if you want to benefit from our production for masks.

NEW: We now also produce FFP2 masks. Simply contact us!

More Information

Disposable masks (Currently in production)
A disposable mask is a 3-layer or 4-layer (Type II-R) mask with an elastic strap. Fix these masks easily behind the ears. The adjustable nose clip ensures an anatomical and correct fit. Our disposable masks are understood to be latex-free and convince by low weight. The masks are air permeable and have a high filtration efficiency of over 95 or 98 percent for Type II-R masks.

FFP masks (Currently in production)
The FFP masks protect against pollutants such as dust, smoke, and aerosol. These masks are available in three levels of protection, FFP1, FFP2, and FFP3. The three types of FFP masks are standardized throughout Europe. The FFP series masks protect more effectively against pollutants that are more harmful to health. The higher the protection class, the more air is filtered. When inhaling, the built-in valve closes, while when exhaling, the valve opens by itself. Protect yourself from higher concentrations of harmful substances in the air by using FFP masks.

N95 masks (On request)
An N95 mask is a particle filtering mask. It meets the standard of the US NIOSH air filtration rating. N95 masks filter 95 percent of airborne particles larger than 0.3 µm. Among other things, the N95 mask is made of a fine-mesh network of synthetic polymer fibers. This inner layer retains particles as you breathe.

Info: Are you looking for a specific type of mask and have an individual requirement? Just get in touch with us.