Quality policy

Semet Prototypen und Industrielackierungen GmbH manufactures very high quality and individual components for the automotive industry and NON – automotive industry in Eichstätt. Prototypen und Industrielackierungen GmbH is an owner-managed company, tradition-driven in terms of values, progress-driven in terms of technology, products, and services. Traditional values such as reliability, fairness, responsibility are an integral part of the company’s policies. To maintain and strengthen these commitments, reputation and success of Prototypen und Industrielackierungen GmbH, the management defines the company policy. The focus is on the success of our customers and our employees.

Customer satisfaction
Our customers are our partners. They decide on the success and the continued existence of our company. We want to recognize the wishes and future tasks of our customers at an early stage and solve them reliably.

Our ideas and our knowledge create high-quality products and thus secure our future. We solve our customers’ problems and meet their requirements and expectations. We see changes in the market as an opportunity for more growth, to put our profits and capabilities at the service of developing and delivering innovative products, services, and solutions that meet the emerging needs of our customers.

Leadership competence
We aim to continuously adapt and improve quality management to new circumstances. Corporate and process objectives are derived from the quality policy to encourage managers to take responsibility for jointly achieving our quality objectives and to identify with our core values.

Maintaining market share
We want to create clear competitive advantages for our customers as well as for ourselves and we also want to be a reliable partner in matters of environmental protection and occupational health and safety. We want to secure the growth of our company by serving markets in which we are already represented with meaningful and innovative products, services, and solutions; here we aim to maintain. We also want to move into new areas that build on our technologies and competencies and consider the interests of our customers and other interested parties.

Our goal is to generate sufficient profit to finance the continued growth of our company and to provide the resources needed to achieve our corporate and quality goals and other tasks.

Continuous improvement
We see it as our task and challenge to question the existing and to develop forward-looking solutions to our tasks through continuous improvement. Our goal is to continuously increase the quality and competitiveness of the products we offer.

Zero-defect philosophy
For us, problems and recognized errors are opportunities for innovation and improvement. Every employee has the duty and the right to contribute to the recognition of errors and their elimination, to produce perfect quality and to avoid or reduce environmental impact. Error prevention has priority over error detection.

Employee satisfaction
The qualification, information, and motivation of all employees is a fundamental prerequisite for the success of our company. Therefore, it is a matter of concern to inform the employees and to support them by training them in the necessary knowledge and skills.

By setting goals, we commit ourselves to continuous improvement. Each employee is responsible for implementing this policy in his or her area of responsibility. The quality policy is publicly available to everyone (interested parties) and is communicated by the persons and organizations appointed by the company.