Philosophy – Corporate Policy / Code of Conduct

These principles include an anti-corruption policy, a code of conduct for employees, as well as an ethics escalation policy.

Our company policy

  • The company policy is focused on the customer and his wishes and includes the actual product in function, execution, and quality, as well as the logistic handling and technical consulting. It is our ambition to realize optimal solutions together with our customers in a professional environment. In addition to quality and economic efficiency, environmental compatibility and occupational safety are of primary importance. We seek an honest partnership with our customers.
  • For our customers, the name Semet is associated with good quality. For us, quality is a corporate policy task of the highest priority and is therefore systematically planned and elaborated. Our quality policy is not exhausted in discovering and sorting out defective products but focuses on the avoidance of defects. “Zero defects” is therefore the declared goal.
  • Our cooperation is based on personal appreciation, trust, commitment, integrity, and personal responsibility. For us, encouraging and challenging employees are inseparably linked. We are committed to our employees by providing them with qualifications and further training. What we expect is a high level of motivation as well as professional and social competence.
  • All employees are required to comply with laws and official requirements in the areas of occupational safety, environmental protection, health protection, production and equipment safety, as well as data protection. We use IT systems to perform our tasks and contribute to the protection of these systems and equipment against internal and external misuse.
  • The management annually prepares a business plan with measures and targets. From the analysis of data, comparison of business results with targets, and through comparisons with the competition, the effectiveness of the management system is evaluated annually and necessary corrective and preventive actions are initiated. This leads to continuous improvement of our management system, competitiveness, and customer satisfaction. All employees are involved in the continuous process of reducing deviations from targets.
  • We respect basic ethical rules. Therefore, we do not tolerate any differences in the company in the treatment of people of different origin, race, religion, ideology, disability, age, appearance, gender, or other personal characteristics. We do not tolerate disrespectful behavior. We can rely on each other and support each other. We always act with integrity and reject any form of corruption and bribery.

Our philosophy

  • Our goal is a secure future for employees and the company. We want to achieve this through steady, and urban growth.
  • First and foremost are the employees of the company.
  • Our future lies in good employees. From our employees we expect the willingness to perform and entrepreneurial thinking.
  • Problems are solved in partnership. Our dealings with employees and customers are always humane and fair.
  • We carry out the tasks assigned to us responsibly
  • We secure our lead and our future through innovative, first-class products and above-average commitment.
  • All our products are of high quality and are constantly improved. Every employee is an essential part of our quality system.
  • We live the idea of quality with the “0 – Error – Strategy”.