1K injection molding

1-component injection molding (1K injection molding) – molded parts from one casting

We produce plastic parts for you up to a weight of 2,000 gr in all common thermoplastics. With our injection molding machines from 80 t to 650 t clamping force at different locations (Germany, Bosnia and Turkey) we react quickly and flexibly to the needs of our customers.

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In terms of the total volume of all injection molded parts produced worldwide, 1C injection molding plays the dominant role. The process is used for the production of all plastic articles, which are produced from one material in one injection process, gladly also colored according to your ideas.

This technique is used for the production of plastic parts in various industrial sectors: e.g. packaging industry, automotive industry, medical and pharmaceutical industry, electrical industry, etc.

Adapted to the intended use of the article, we produce injection molded parts with the specific and technical characteristics you require. When it comes to tight dimensional tolerances or sufficient stability despite thin wall thicknesses and the appropriate material selection, we are at your side.

We lead your project to success.

If the mold is designed correctly, injection molding is one of the most cost-effective options for series production. The number of cavities depends on the planned quantity required per month. This then determines the selection of the machine size. We will be happy to advise you on the economic implementation of your series production, please contact us.

Are you thinking about implementing your idea for a plastic part? Feel free to contact us at the earliest planning stage, our experts are at your disposal. Our prototyping department can produce prototypes in 3-D printing on request, for example for trade fair presentations, functionality testing, shoring tests, etc.